AFSG March 2021 Newsletter

March 24, 2021
Happy March Everyone,

Another month has passed and hopefully everyone is safe and when possible getting vaccinated. Things appear to be improving and although limited, seem to be beginning to open up. This past weekend would have been our 12th Veterans fundraising event.

It is still hard for me to realize that a full year has past! Unfortunately, it is not likely we will be resuming any AFSG events at least until our scheduled membership meeting in November, see information below.

On the good news side, I am happy to announce our latest AFSG Board member appointment - Mr. Bob Aiken. Bob and his wife Linda have been very supportive and active in Veteran events. Bob worked with me and Bill Gasta on reviving the Veterans Monument project and needless to say ha s a very good understanding of our community from his CAM Board experiences. Thanks for stepping up Bob!

Need Covid Assistance?

Our new Board member, Bob Aiken, has made a very good suggestion. Bob has been helping neighbors with transportation to their Covid shots and wondered if we might have any AFSG members/Veterans who might need some assistance with transportation and/or booking an appointment. Bob is willing to help coordinate transportation, however, we will need some volunteers to help with the scheduling side if needed. I am not too sure at this point who will help with the scheduling coordination. If you would like to help book appointments or with transportation, please contact

Future Dates:

March 20, 2021 -Corta Bella Veterans Golf Event Corta Bella Veterans Group will be holding their annual fundraiser on March 20, 2021. Registration is $140. Go to their web site at: cortabellavets.ORG/golf2021 for registration information. Corta Bella Veterans Association is a 501 C 3 foundation. If you have never played Corta Bella golf course this is a great opportunity.

They plan on sending a letter/email to everyone who signed up letting them know their specific tee times and instructions for our mobile scoring application. There will have a lunch in the registration goody bag and for the “after round meal”, they can stay if they want, and the social distancing will allow OR they can have a gift card/certificate good for up to one year at the Corte Bella Golf Course café.

November 9, 2021 - AFSG General Membership Meeting, 10 AM, Aqua Fria Room, Cimarron. Hopefully we can still get this meeting in, but the Covid situation need to improve and the rules by CAM at that time will dictate whether we will be able to meet or not. Again, stay tuned

March 12, 2022 - AFSG Veterans Golf Event, Desert Springs (one course only). The date has been booked. Look for more information to follow in the Fall of this year.

General Information
Veterans Monument Update:

The Village Design team is finalizing a design contract for bid for Area 1. This area covers from the Adobe pool end to the front of the Activities office in the Sonoran Plaza.

The committee will next address Area 2 from the front of the Palm Center to Remington Dr. which includes the Veterans Monument (VM). This means that the VM realization is still moving forward.

I am currently in the beginning process of looking at VM designs and will keep you posted as we move forward.

Grand Lifestyles

I hope that you were able to see the AFSG Clubs full page flyer in the February Grand Lifestyles magazine, page 22!

Sponsor/Donors Thank You

AFSG has sent a personal letter to all our Hole Sponsors and higher level donors thanking them for their continued support and letting them know that we will not be hosting our Annual Veterans Golf Event this year and encouraging them to go to our AFSG web site For information if they still would like to contribute this year:


AFSG members as well as our Event Donors can also go to our web site, click on the logo of the foundation they wish to make a donation to and you will be given the necessary contact information. The opportunity for you to still be able to donate is still alive and well even if we are not holding our annual event!

Chad Pfeifer

Our good friend Iraq Veteran Chad Pfeifer, had a great finish in this years Diamond Resorts International LPGA/Celebrity Event in January finishing third to some very strong players in the Celebrity contest! Congratulation Chad and Summer, Chad’s wife!

Old/Worn American Flags

If you are like me, and have had your American flag lose its color and would like to retire it properly, you can bring It to the CAM activities office and they have a process for properly retiring old and worn American flags. Ask for Paul, who is usually working at the activities desk.

AFSG Logo Shirts, Hats & Nametags

With all the money you are saving not going out to eat, it is a good time to catch up to the AFSG fashions! Hats -When I organized the AFSG storage shed last week, I noticed we had a number of AFSG hats in our inventory. Red - 9, Blue - 3, Tan - 4, and Black - 2. These are a very nice quality hats. ($15) Once we sell these hats out, our next order will most likely see an increase in the price/hat.

Shirts - We also still have a limited number of AFSG logo shirts available.

Mens - 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Navy (all large)

Women - 2 Red 1 - XL, 1 Med.

Once these shirts are sold out, the cost of the next order may also

increase. We will need at least 12 orders to do a reorder.

Name tags - Now may also be good time to order our new name tag

pins. Cost - $11/pin


For any of the items above, you must pay when you order. Payment will need to be by check only until we are able to hold a meeting and accept cash. First come, first served! Checks payable to Armed Forces Support Group (AFSG) and can be mailed to:

Armed Forces Support Group

19753 Remington Dr.

Surprise, AZ. 85374

I currently have membership pins for:

Ed Foerster, K. Brown, D. Brown, J. Clark, J. Schwab, Scovill, N. Schovill, B. Weber, Westfall, B. Zech

Stay safe everyone!

Barry Curseaden, Pres./Founder

SCG Armed Forces Support Group


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