AFSG November 2020 Newsletter

November 12, 2020

Greetings All,

On this Veterans Day, as well as every day of the year, thank you to all our military family’s past, present and future for your service and sacrifices to keep our great nation in freedom!

Moving forward, my hope is that the precious gift of our freedom to vote is not only our individual freedom, but also our unified national freedom. That whatever situation we may be in, we are all in it together and that patience and respect will prevail for those who may agree with us as well as those that may not. It is the only true way to honor all those who have given us this right - our military families.

I have much information to share with you this month so lets get started:

Stan VanPeursem

2020 AFSG Ed Foerster

Volunteer Award Recipient Linda and Stan VanPeursem

Who do you call when you want to keep track of over $600,000 worth of donations to Veterans Support Foundations? Stan VanPeursem!

Stan’s tireless efforts have made sure that all our donations were accurately and efficiently recorded and accounted for since 2011! Thank you, Stan, for all the work you have done.

There is little doubt that this award has been well earned many times over by Stan. We originally planned on presenting Stan with this recognition plaque publicly at our March 2020 Sponsors Dinner which had to be cancelled. So finally, thank you Stan from the AFSG Board, its membership and the many Veterans and their families impacted by your efforts. (See photo attached)

Soldiers Best Friend Golf Event

This Saturday, November 14, 2020, Talking Stick Golf Club. They still have a few openings if you would like to participate. FYI - we have been sponsors of SBF since 2012 and have raised a total of over $112,000 for their foundation!

Contact the event coordinator directly:

Thank you all!

All 2021 Events cancelled Cancelled

The AFSG Board has voted to cancel the March 13, 2021 Annual Veterans Golf Event because of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation. Needless to say, we are very disappointed but do not want to unnecessarily expose any our volunteers/participants to the virus.

We also understand that asking for donations from many of our donors who are experiencing financial difficulties is not the right thing to do at this time.

We have cancelled our January, February, March and April Veterans Coffee Chats and the Feb General Membership Meeting. Unfortunately, the current SCG restrictions prevent us from having the participation numbers in the rooms we have reserved.

SCG Veterans Monument

The Village Design Committee recently had a Zoom conference with J2 Design, and the Veterans Monument design and location is progressing very well. Attached is the latest design concept and what looks like the final location for the monument. The diagram is a top down view of the front of the Palm Center with a plaza. The current circular driveway will be removed. The VM will be located between the plaza and Remington Dr. More information about the final design will be forthcoming.

Ryan Davis Update

Update directly from Brian’s wife Asia to Kendra Frantzve and Tom Zmugg

“Ryan will have his tissue expander removal surgery on November 24th. Recovery is up in the air. He is only hoping to stay in hospital for a short amount of time. He is the lowest he has been on all opioids since this all happened. Yes yes and hell yes! He has been going to pt and ot at the cfi every day.

We are hoping that he gets his license soon so he can adapt his truck for him. Overall, he has been doing great. He has 2 more times to get his bags filled then that's it. We are still on target to get to Disney and Orlando yay! Should be getting back to savannah, GA middle to end of January. We had a fantastic time on Halloween treating or treating as a family with friends. Thank you for prayers and love. Please continue them for the next couple weeks till his surgery.”

Ryan Davis and Family

Happy 245 th Birthday Marine Corp!

Special Videos to Remember Our Veterans!

Boy on the Beach

Vic Apodaca’s Son

What lies ahead for AFSG

Finally, a few words about our AFSG and the future.  

After much discussion, the remaining Board members do not see the club being able to hold any events through March 2021. We are hopeful that a vaccine will become available in the Spring that we may begin club activities in the Fall of 2021.

However, the club is at a very important transition point. We have had a number of Board Member resignations and I have very serious concerns that we will have enough viable membership volunteers willing to step forward to keep our club going.

We have this year to begin planning for our future or decide if the club will be able to continue. Your input will be important! Stay tuned for further information and discussions.

Stay safe!

Barry Curseaden, Founder/President

SCG Armed Forces Support Group


“We shall never forget”

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