AFSG May 2020 Newsletter

November 30, 2020

Greetings Everyone,

First, I hope that this e-mail finds you and your families safe and healthy.

Secondly, a very special thank you to our military Veteran members and their families for their service and sacrifice this Memorial Day weekend, along with so many other military families. Even though we are going through this unusual Covid 19 situation, we still have our freedom to be thankful for. I know that there are many more stresses on all of us regarding this terrible disease. However, many Veterans were suffering stress before the pandemic and it has only compounded their situation. So they will continue to need our support now more than ever before. Ferherty’s Troops First Foundation had two suicides last week.

In respect for this Memorial Day, I have included in this e-mail a special video of the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I have been fortunate to have seen this ceremony a number of times and each one was even more meaningful. To guard the Tomb of the Unknown Solider is one of the highest honors a soldier could have. I have also included a unique perspective of a Blue Angel flyover which I hope you enjoy.

Club Updates
2020 Veterans Event

Thanks to the hard work of our committee, Board members, raffle ticket volunteers and donors we have had another very successful fundraising event!

We were able to raise over $59,000 and donate to our foundations over, $56,000 after expenses. This means that over the last 11 years the AFSG has raised over $680,000 in donations to 501 C 3 Veterans Support Foundations. This is a tremendous accomplishment that you should all be very proud of! Just think, our first event in 2009 raised $27,300 and this year we passed, $680,000!

You will never be able to know the many lives you have positively impacted and the ripple effect on families as well as Veterans themselves cannot be measured. I have had the honor of working closely and knowing a number of Veterans and trust me when I say they are most appreciative, thankful and humble by your support for them and their families.

I want to extend a special thanks to our outgoing club treasurer Mr. Stan VanPeursem who has done such a great job keeping track of our donations for the 9 of the 11 years of this event, our membership dues, and Club shirt sales. Stan has donated many hours to keeping our donation records organized. The next time you see Stan please thank him for his long time service to the AFSG.

Board Opening

Mr. Whitney Westgate has submitted his resignation from the AFSG Board of Directors. If you might be interested in joining our team, please think about it and let me know ASAP. Even though we are basically inactive through October, the Board can still appoint a new member without an election being necessary. Thank you Whitney for your time and support!

Veterans Monument

I am currently serving on the SCG Village Planning Committee and participated in a Zoom video conference with J2 Architecture Firm which has been given a contract from SCG for a conceptual design.

I am happy to say that a Veterans Monument is definitely in their design plans! More to come later.

In closing, I cannot thank you all enough for believing in and supporting our mission to help our Veterans and their families on their journey of healing.

Stay safe,

Barry Curseaden, Pres./Founder

SCG Armed Forces Support Group

“Don’t forget to use your mask, social distance and stay safe!”

“We shall never forget’

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