About AFSG

Our Purpose & Goals

To support our active duty military, veterans and their families

Joe Johnson "Baby of Bataan"

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Our Story

Who are we?

The AFSG“special interest” group evolved into existence from the SCG Men’s 18 Hole Golf Club which sponsored its 1st veterans Fund Raising events in 2009. We became a special interest group in 2010. Support for this event has grown to such a degree that we needed to form an organization whose primary function is to handle fundraising activities. We became the SCG Armed Forces Support Group CHARTER CLUB in 2011.

What is our purpose/goals?

-To support our active duty military, veterans and their families

-Develop a group volunteer pool to help support fundraisers in SCG that support our military and their families...Over $500,000 have been donated from 2009 through 2018!

-Help facilitate/coordinate existing military support fundraising groups in SCG

Who can join?

-You do not need to be a veteran to become a member. You only need to be a SCG resident and have an interest in supporting the brave men, women and their families who sacrifice daily to allow us to live in freedom.

Meeting Information 

Membership Meetings are held semi-annually on the second Tuesday of February and November, 10 AM in the Aqua Fria room in Cimarron Center. Veterans Coffee Chat program will resume 8 AM, January 8, 2019 (Palms Room Sonoran Plaza), February 5, March 5, April 9, 2019 (all in Palo Verde Room, Sonoran Plaza) See the Grand Lifestyles magazine for more information regarding these chats.

Club socials will also be announced throughout the year.  

Club Description

The AFSG group evolved into existence as a Special Interest Group in 2010 from the SCG Men’s 18-Hole Golf Club which sponsored the first Wounded Veterans Raffle and Golf Fundraising events in 2009 and 2010. When support for this event grew to such a degree, we then became the SCG Armed Forces Support Group Charter Club in 2011. 

Men’s 18 Hole Golf Club presenting injured veteran Neal Duncan
with a check for $27,478 with Mike Scioscia, Manager
of the Los Angeles Angels (2009)
VIP fivesome 2012
Brian Mancini, Chad Pfeiffer, Tom Bishop, Joe Caley,
Rick Kell (cofounder Feherty's Troops First Foundation)
AFSG board members Ron Coslett, Barry Curseaden, Eileen Joy,
Barb Baer, & Stan VanPeursem presenting
check to C J Betanncourt’s Service Dog Support
Foundation Graduation ceremony, 2014