The mission of Honor Flight Arizona is to pay homage to our WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans by providing the support needed for them to complete a three-day journey of honor and remembrance to their memorials in Washington, D.C. at no cost to them.  Our secondary mission is to educate our youth about the impact of WWII and the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the freedoms our nation enjoys because of the service of the Veterans.

Honor Flight AZ

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AFSG honored by
Honor Flight Arizona

April 29, 2019, the AFSG was honored by the Honor Flight Arizona. The entire flight of 29 WW II and Korea Veterans, men and women was dedicated in our name. Thanks to all our members who were able to see these heroes off to Washington, D.C. and to our members who were able to welcome them back to Arizona on May 2.

Southwest Airlines rolled out one of the best red carpet treatments for these Veterans that I have ever experienced. They announced the Veterans departure as they moved to their gate with people applauding them all the way. We (AFSG members) were able to shake every Veterans hand and thank them and their families for their service and sacrifice. Personally I have never felt more honored to be among these very humble heroes. Southwest even asked us to go on to the tarmac, wave and salute these Veterans as their plane taxied out to take off! Our AFSG members who were there to welcome the Veterans home from their trip also experienced the same appreciation and gratitude.

When we were introduced to the group before their departure, I cannot truly convey to you how appreciative they were for the opportunity to participate on this flight!

Unfortunately, we were notified of this AFSG dedicated flight at the very last minute. We were expecting a flight designation later in the Fall which we are hopeful will still be a possibility. Hope all our members have the honor, as we did, to share such a special moment with a very special heroes. We will keep you posted of future Honor Flights.