2019 Letter to the Membership

January 15, 2019
Community (Members)

Dear Member,

The AFSG will have a new look this year. Not only do we have a new Club

secretary Cheryl Curseaden, we are also in the process of developing a brand new web site over the next few months that should be more informative for both our membership and our sponsors.

The Sun City Grand Armed Forces Support Group will proudly celebrate its 10th anniversary with our 10th Annual Wounded Veterans Golf Event, March 8 & 9, 2019. This is an incredible milestone and a great sense of pride we should all share. To date over $530,000 has been donated to Veteran Support Foundations who help the many Veterans returning home wounded physically and mentally from their multiple tours.

The AFSG is also very proud to have been instrumental in assisting many Grand Veteran residents recover over $4.5 million dollars in Veteran benefits that some did not know they were even eligible for! Thanks to the efforts of our Veteran’s Benefit Coordinator.

As positive as these accomplishments are, unfortunately, at last count, we are still losing 22 Veterans a day to suicide. Many Veterans are still struggling with their “War at Home” and will continue to need our support for years to come. Most importantly, your volunteering will continue to provide life changing support directly to our Veterans and their families. We need your help!

The AFSG needs YOUR ideas and participation now more than ever before. A number of our events have needed to be canceled because we did not have more volunteers step forward. Many hands doing a few things works much better than a few hands doing too many things. Your membership and donations are very important, in helping with Club expenses, however, donating your time is priceless. We need your time! Will you answer the call?

Here are some opportunities for you to serve:

-2019 Wounded Veterans Golf Event volunteer - contact Tom Trovato - 623-523-3401,
- 2019 Wounded Veterans Sponsor/Golf dinner volunteer contact Eileen Joy, 602-370-3912,
- 2019 Raffle - contact Tom Phillips, 847-951-4055,
- Grand Lifestyles Magazine/Publicity Coordinator - e-mail
afsginfo@aol.com - Calling List Coordinator - e-mail afsginfo@aol.com
- Social Coordinator - e-mail

It does not make any difference what your political persuasion may be, how much money you may earn, or where you live to understand how all of us are only able to enjoy the priceless freedom and protection that our military provides us each day.

Our Veterans and their families have given so much to us. Isn’t it time for you to help us give something back to them by donating only 2 - 4 hours of your time?

Thank You.

Barry Curseaden, Pres.
SCG Armed Forces Support Group

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