AFSG March 2022 Newsletter

March 1, 2022
Good Day Everyone!

Spring has sprung and the Armed Forces Support Group just completed its 2022 Veterans Fundraising Event.

A big thank you to the many volunteers and our Board members for making this one of our most successful events. Our golf event sold out and our Sponsor Reception Dinner was a great success as well!

It will take a few weeks to finalize our total donations raised for our four foundations, but I think it safe to say that we will be close to $750,000 total donations over the twelve years of this event!

Things will be winding down as people being to migrate to cooler climes but we are hopeful we can hold a club social event sometime in the last two weeks of April. We will keep you posted.

In other news, it looks like the Village Center Area 2 which is to include the Veterans Monument will be facing yet another delay in fruition. There is a strong possibility that it will now not occur before 2027! Needless to say I am very disappointed upon hearing this news. If this is the case, it will mean that recognition of our Veterans and their families will have been waiting 15 years since they agreed to honor your and your families service. Other projects appear to be more important in regards to CARE funding support for Area 2, therefore, we have been placed on the 2027 to do list.

I apologize to all our Veterans in leading you to believe we were finally close to what you have been waiting for and deserving of for so long. I was honestly led to believe we were finally close to not only giving you and your families long overdue recognition, but also developing a sense of community for all of SCG.

If there are any changes, I will keep you posted. I would also suggest that you express your opinions to our new Board members if you so desire. They may need to hear some new voices, I think that they are tired of hearing mine.

On a more positive note:

Special Thanks

I know there are many people who have donated their time to make this years Veterans Event the success that it is, however, there are a few individuals who have gone above and beyond in helping to coordinate the many moving parts.

Tom and Lois Smith did a great job filling and coordinating volunteers to sell raffle tickets at the shot gun events.

Denis Murphy, was instrumental in making sure daily raffle ticket sales were collected and recorded and set up with great accuracy.

Our new AFSG Board for their time and energy and my wife Cheryl for holding us all together!

Great job everyone!

Veteran Sponsor Dinner Pictures

Eileen Joy, Receiving The Ed Foerster AFSG Volunteer Award Ed Foerster, Eileen Joy, Barry Curseaden
Checking In Silent Auction? And Hilda Sciabica

Silent Auction A Great Success

Sib Sciabica, Al Liedel and guest of honor Ennis Miller

Upcoming Events

15th Annual Patriotic Awards

April 1, 2022

Debbie Lee, Americas Mighty Warriors founder and Marc Lee’s Mom will receive the Copper Sword Award (given to a non Veteran). FYI - The Surprise Post Office, is dedicated in Marc Lee’s name. There is also a very special display case to Marc Lee’s service and sacrifice.

Soldiers Best Friend
Sporting Clay Event

April 16, 2022

Wherever you may be over the summer months, please remember our active and Veteran military families in your thoughts and prayers.

Barry Curseaden, Pres./Founder

SCG Armed Forces Support Group

“We shall never forget”

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