Thank You - To all our volunteers, sponsors, donors, golf participants...

March 23, 2020

Greetings Everyone,

To all our volunteers, sponsors, donors, golf participants and membership, the AFSG Board wants to extend a big THANK YOU for your support of the 2020 Veterans Fundraising Event!

We also are very appreciative of your patience and understanding in what has been a most unusual circumstances due to the Covid 19/Corona Virus outbreak. Needless to say, it was very disappointing to have our Sponsor Reception Dinner and Golf Dinner postponed at the last possible minute. Everything was loaded in the car and ready to go! However, all proceeds saved from our dinner expenses, will be donated to our 4 Veteran Support Group Foundations.

It will be some time before we are able to know exactly how much money was raised for our Veteran Foundations this current year, however, we can guarantee whatever the amount, it will be greatly appreciated!

Many of you might not be able to personally experience how your donation directly effects the lives of our Veterans and their families, however, this fact is certain, your kindness, support and energy continues to have a major impact on their lives!

As we continue  to adjust to our new “normal”, we are all facing many unknowns as we move through these next few months. Please be safe!

Barry Curseaden, Pres./Founder
SCG Armed Forces Support Group

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